Friday, March 26, 2010

TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour

Hello again my friends ...... as you all know , tomorrow is the Earth Hour for Malaysia , at 8.30PM to 9.30PM . As an act to make a stand against climate change .

And now , do know know who is this guy ?!

Che Khalib

Well , he is the TNB president and CEO Dato’ Sri Che Khalib Mohd Noh , and he got something to say regarding this world wide event of Earth Hour .

“Obviously these green-minded fellows think they’re really cute, organising such an irresponsible campaign,” said Che Khalib angrily. “They say ‘turn off your lights for an hour’ and people do. I bet that really makes them feel all powerful.

“What these western colonialists fail to grasp is how such drastic action affects the poor companies like us. One hour of unused electricity means an hour of wastage for TNB. Did you know that last year’s Earth Hour costed us millions in unrealised revenue?” asked Che Khalib, seething.

Errr ...... TNB is a poor company ?! HHhhhmmmm ...... never mind about that .
Well , if you interested to know what is this all about , do click Here

You think what will be the result ?!
Well , i think everyone in Malaysia has the right to do what they feel is right .
For me , i'll be at work on that time , and i will try to show abit support ( perhaps shutdown some of my display notebook ) for the Earth Hour .

The Earth Needs A Fan .... To Cool Down ....... LOL


  1. that one is a good parody! =D

  2. 60 earth hour is to remind us the "global warming" instead of an hour to save the earth once a year? start from now we should stand up and give our hand to earth especially "ensure everything turned off when you away", this is the meaning of earth hour. ^_^

  3. kenwooi : LOL
    kenzo : yeay yeay ... we must keep it up all the time n not just for once a year ! LOL