Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquake In Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Earthquake ....... something i really have no idea of ...... of course .... in my 24 years of living , i never felt it before . today by my suprise , i felt it . not really big shake , but around 6.20pm of 30 sept 2009 , i was watching movie while i was at work ( not snaking , just no customer ) , i was sitting there when i suddenly feel like the chair is moving , and i thought the chair is not balance , then i checked , nope , i thought i was tired and my leg is shaking , checked , nope , i guess i must be dizzy , so i take no attention to it as it stopped after around 2minutes or so . aiyah ... dizzy gua ... never mind la , then to my suprise ....... my friend darren suddenly run over my kiosk and ask , " did you felt the earthquake ?! " *bling* ( my lightbulp is on ) dang , the feeling i felt just now was the earthquake . then he told me that another shop's cupboard and everything on it were shaking like it was going to fall ! then my kiosk's James voice out once he know that it was quake , " i thought who were shaking leg till kiosk feel shaking , and my banner which is standing beside of kiosk is moving ! " Haha ......... luckily it was not big enough to cause any damaged . well , first thing on mind is to confirm that what we all felt was real earthquake , where ?! FACEBOOK !!! everyone is shouting inside , EARTHQUAKE ! from PJ , damansara , cheras kobena , Bukit bintang , Lowyat , Raja chulan , KLCC ..... all who is still working or online at home .... then i turn to THE STAR newspaper .... and yup , quake in sumatra , tremors in malaysia . rated 7.9 on the Richter ( my pakistan *bai said it dam* huge , as last time in pakistan also somewhere around 6+ on the Richter and it killed more than 100,000 people , but it happened on land and not seas ) mmm ....... hope and wish no more damage will happen , such as tsunami ... *pray with eyes close* hmm .... good night , and wish no more people will be hurt for it .... especially those at padang , indonesia .

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  1. so you must thank to God you are give birth at Malaysia but not Indonesia lor... haha... blek...