Friday, July 10, 2009

Quatro - 26 / 06 / 09

Well ...... this post will be all about adrian .....
why ? because for the 1st time ever i went clubbing with him ..... he actually gone into total KO status ...... ( means he is drunk till ..... KO )

Adrian is actually drunk in this picture

See how cute he is when the alcohol takes over

Adrian , carmen and belle

Adrian , vivi , jackie , vanice , carmen and elysa

US !

Elysa , Janice , Belle And Carmen

Well ... i get bullied no matter where i am ... who i go with ... sniff sniff

Mai mai .... im i sexy ?!

Edwin in " 5 Yeh Hung Ling " Mode

Nice hand sign

Yeay yeay ... i get a kiss tonight ..

M.M with V.V

The Ladies

Jealousnyer ...... BiSexual

Us with all the ladies

Valen jackie and Winny the panda

Yes ... again ..... the loser

So You Think You Can Dance ?

Janice and Me

Kes Jenayah

Kei Kah Poh And Kei Kah Poh

Winny The Pooh With Valen

Opss ..... Don't Jealous ya .... :P

Feel Da** Lucky as being surrounded with pretty ladies

Yeah !!!

Belle , janice , vanice and Joey shumshum

No No No ... No Picture

Me with my long lost friend winny the RED CAT !

A piggie with a rabbit

Yes ... Zhor lam Yau Pou

But she is even better .......

Muka Blur X 2

Janice sure look like kiddie !! lol

Walauyeh ......

ViVi With the loser

Frank : Come Kisssss Kissss
Carmen : Woi ... what you want ... die ?!

Highlighted !

MuKa Mabuk Adrian

Two Kecik Mau

Janice with me

Shuffle Queen

One !

Two !!

Gay !!!

YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feels like sugar ..... lips like sugar .....

What kind of look is that ?

As Usual

Man Meat Chair

Proves that adrian is drunk !! and vomit !!

Dam* ... he can still pose when he is drunk !! beh tahan !!

He Ko-ED !!!

Haha ...... actually there is few movie clips ....... with more discusting picture but just to prevent me from being block or ban for displaying his ugly beh tahan vomit picture ...... try to go to my facebook to see this album ........ you might get lucky and seem something RARE !!!! lol

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